Register your booth staff by visiting:


  • Please remember the exhibitor codes will ONLY work with the Expo Hall Only pass.
  • You can register up to 5 people on one registration.
  • If you wish to register 6 or more people, you will need to create a new registration.
  • Please tryto use the email address of the person you wish to register.


I tried to register an attendee, and I received an error message stating that the attendee is already registered?

Chances are, the person is already registered for Expo Europe. In other circumstances, the email address used on the registration has already been used.  Our registration system recognizes individual attendees by their email address. Many times, when someone registers more than one attendee, the individual who registers the group will use their own email address. Try to use the email address of the individual you are registering.

I would like to receive registration confirmations for each attendee that I register.

Our registration system sends out one registration confirmation to the email address supplied on the registration. If you wish to receive the confirmation, please use your email address. Please note that the attendee will not receive the confirmation. If you are registering multiple attendees, you can receive each registration confirmation. However, you will need to use a different email address each time. A common trick is to add a '+' symbol to your email address
(IE: [email protected]).

What if I wish to upgrade my registration?

If you are planning on upgrading your registration, you will need to create a new registration. You can register online at:
Make sure to use a different email address. If you use the email address that was used when you originally registered, you will receive an error message. If you have a discount code, don't forget to use it.

What if I wish to transfer a registration?

You can transfer a registration up to one week before the conference. Please send your transfer request to:

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